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Home-OwnersWhy is it that we service our cars regularly, but expect our electrical installations to go on for decades with no attention whatsoever?A lot of the callouts we get could be avoided if the installations were properly designed, installed and maintained.

A brand new installation may be certified for up to ten years but after that a retest interval of five years is usual. This will not only identify problems caused by wear and tear but also indicate where upgrading is advisable. The regulations are revised at intervals in line with the demands of modern living to ensure that installations are convenient and safe.

Ways in which you may wish to upgrade your home include:

  • A smoke alarm system – properly designed to give maximum protection and avoid false alarms.
  • Emergency lighting in critical areas to avoid the use of candles in power cuts. This can be done in an unobtrusive way.
  • Ventilation in kitchen and bath/shower rooms to reduce condensation and keep mould at bay.
  • A computer network to ensure reliable high speed connection.
  • A new consumer unit designed to improve safety and avoid nuisance tripping.

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