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Business-PremisesThe Electricity at Work Regulations are nearly twenty years old. In spite of this many businesses have poor electrical installations with the potential for major expense later on. Sometimes this is simply a lack of awareness and sometimes a conscious decision to avoid expense.

All too often we see loss of life, damage to premises and equipment failures. Any of these could have a significant effect on your business. No doubt you have insurance, but if the insurance company carried out an investigation and concluded that you were not fulfilling your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act it could well affect the payment. In recent years some businesses have found themselves without insurance cover until installations were bought up to standard.

I’m sure you want your business to run smoothly and avoid headaches. R J Goldfinch Electrical Contractors are NICEIC Approved Contractors for both commercial and industrial works, so call us to find out how we can help you comply.

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