Smoke and Fire Alarms

The main point is to protect life. To achieve this one needs early warning and safe exit from the building. Hence you need the right system, properly installed and kept in working order. We offer a full service of design, installation, verification and maintenance for all types and sizes of installation.

Stand alone battery operated alarms are clearly better than nothing but we are sure you will have heard of a tragedy where fire investigation officers found a smoke alarm which had been rendered useless by removal of the battery. An interlinked system is much, much better. It will detect a fire close to source and sound all alarms simultaneously giving the occupants a greatly improved chance of survival. An interlinked system of mains powered smoke and heat alarms, with built in long life lithium cell backup will suit most properties. For larger properties and commercial premises a full fire system is commonly required.

You may have had a bad experience with false alarms or other problems. Remember we offer a maintenance service which can be tailored to your requirements and reduce problems to a minimum.

Landlords should be aware that statistics show rented accomodation has a higher fire risk than other dwellings, so remember – it is your property at risk as well as your tenants’ lives.

Please note that if you have a legal requirement for a system conforming to the British Standard, it will only comply when maintained in accordance with the standard. (See Schedule of Maintenance)

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