Environmental Policy

Introduction and Aim

Roger J Goldfinch & Sons is an electrical contractor business, operating from a site in Canterbury, Kent. We recognise that the day to day running of the business results in the generation of waste. It is the aim of Roger J Goldfinch & Sons to comply with legislation and other requirements, to operate in an environment friendly manor and to reduce the impact on the environment which the running of the business causes.

Roger J Goldfinch & Sons is committed  to continually improving it practices with regard to preventing pollution and managing the impacts of the business on the environment.


It is the responsibility of all the staff at Roger J Goldfinch & Sons to work in an environment friendly manor,  and it applies to all operations within the business. Jim Goldfinch is responsible for making sure that the Environmental Policy is implemented.


Roger J Goldfinch & Sons will will ensure that resources are available to enable us to achieve our objectives and targets. Roger J Goldfinch & Sons hold a Waste Carriers certificate to ensure that any waste created is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manor.


During 2011/2012 Roger J Goldfinch & Sons aims to:

  • Inform customers of environmentally friendly products and services that the business can offer them
  • To work within the local area more to minimise emissions from vehicles
  • To continue recycling all recyclable waste produce on and off site


  • Recycle 100% of steel, aluminium, copper, brass waste by July 2011
  • Recycle all WEEE waste promptly through approved wholesalers by July 2011
  • Investigate ways to measure customer energy reductions through use of green products by August 2011
  • Create newsletter to inform customers of environmentally friendly products and services by January 2012
  • Update website with environmental products by March 2012

Monitoring and Auditing

Progress of our objectives will be monitored in monthly staff meetings

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